60 police officers injured by left-wing squatters

“The whole house hates the police” is written on Germany’s most famous squat, the Rigaer 94. Since Wednesday afternoon, left-wing extremist squatters have caused chaos in Berlin. Cars, dumpsters, etc. were set on fire and stones were pelted at the police. According to the police, 60 officers were injured. A planned fire protection test should take place in the partially occupied building. “Residents” did not want to open the building to the fire protection expert accompanied by the police. The left-wing extremists and their supporters resisted the inspection and repeatedly threatened violence. Finally, the police cleared the barricade and used a water cannon to extinguish the fire, bringing the situation under control. After that, the authorities set up a prohibited zone so that the fire protection control can still take place.

Yesterday the building was surrounded by numerous police officers and several streets were closed at the same time. According to the police, around 350 officers are on duty around Rigaer Straße so that the fire safety inspector can finally do his job. In total, up to 1,000 police officers were on site to deal with the situation.

It is totally unacceptable and no longer acceptable for left-wing extremists to injure police officers. Chaots and anti-democrats must be held accountable for this with all available means of the rule of law. The tolerance of left-wing extremist crimes must also come to an end in Berlin. The red-red-green Senate Administration has to be measured by this. Otherwise, Berlin will soon be able to adorn itself with the title failed state.