Afghan NATO and EU aid workers and their families are at risk of torture and death

The latest announcement by President Biden, who confirmed the withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan by the end of the month, is a serious setback for Afghans who are still trying to escape the Taliban.

We should not forget that many of those trying to leave Kabul have provided vital services to NATO forces and have a bleak future if left behind. Nor should we forget that this tragedy affects not only those who worked for NATO forces, but their families as well. The women and children face a fast-track trial, and despite President Biden’s misleading statements, there is ample evidence that the Taliban are already taking extreme measures against the families of those they believe are disloyal.

US commentators have accused the president of capitulating to the Taliban. By abandoning those who have worked in good faith for the United States, the president has sentenced thousands to prison, torture and death.

We have less than a week to help these people who have been so badly disappointed in President Biden. The question now is how much can we achieve without the United States.