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Conference: “Eurozone: Opportunity or Risk?”

Together with Marko Milanović Litre, Member of Parliament of the Republic of #Croatia 🇭🇷, on the occasion of the conference “Eurozone: Opportunity Or Risk?” in Zagreb.

Lars Patrick Berg

Parties silent on the issue of internal security

The attempted attack on a synagogue in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, should not come as a surprise. The perpetrator, a sixteen-year-old Syrian refugee, joins a long line of asylum seekers who have come to Germany with the intention of committing acts of violence. He is the youngest in a line that also includes Anis Amri. What […]

Lars Patrick Berg

Donation from Heckler & Koch for flood victims rejected

I was horrified to read that a donation from Heckler & Koch to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.” for the victims of the recent flood disaster has been rejected.The fact that half of the donated money was raised by Heckler & Koch employees makes this both sad and unforgivable.Heckler & Koch is a reputable, major German […]

Lars Patrick Berg

Muslim Brotherhood: Threat to Germany and the EU

This is the written question I submitted to the European Commission on the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany and the EU. The Muslim Brotherhood has destabilized many parts of the world and Egypt is still recovering from its activities. The Brotherhood has been branded a terrorist organization and it is interesting that […]

Lars Patrick Berg

Afghan NATO and EU aid workers and their families are at risk of torture and death

The latest announcement by President Biden, who confirmed the withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan by the end of the month, is a serious setback for Afghans who are still trying to escape the Taliban. We should not forget that many of those trying to leave Kabul have provided vital services to NATO forces […]

Lars Patrick Berg

Open letter to the EU High-Representative: Situation in Afghanistan

Dear Vice President Borrell, Following your statement on the situation in Afghanistan and your warning to the Taliban that they would be ostracized if they were to seize power by force, the news of the past few days about the fall of Kabul and the collapse of the government means that your warnings will go […]

Lars Patrick Berg


In the recently published Twitter video from DD News, I warmly congratulate you on the 75th #IndiaIndependenceDay and highlight the strong and important diplomatic ties between the Federal Republic of Germany and India.

Lars Patrick Berg

Question to the EU Commission: illegal migration from Belarus to Lithuania

Illegal migration from Belarus to Lithuania The Lithuanian authorities have declared a state of emergency in the face of increasing illegal migration from Belarus. It is alleged that Belarus is using migration as a weapon in retaliation for EU sanctions. The Financial Times reported that the Belarusian authorities are using Boeing 777 planes to bring […]

Lars Patrick Berg