Europe is not prepared for the next wave of refugees

Brussels, July 29, 2021 – The Heidelberg MEP of the Liberal-Conservative Reformer (LKR) party, Lars Patrick Berg, warns of a recurrence of the refugee crisis of 2015: “Europe must prepare for a new wave of refugees from Afghanistan and the Middle East. Turkey, which has taken in millions of Syrians, is on the brink. The acceptance towards refugees is declining there” says Berg.

“It is imperative that Brussels now show more commitment in the countries that border the EU and have taken in refugees. It is often overlooked that these countries form a kind of buffer zone with Europe and for that reason alone must not be left alone by the EU. Europe will remain a magnet for refugees in the long term and will bear a good deal of responsibility if these countries are destabilized. “

“The EU must commit to clear steps. This not only includes more effective border security and better coordination between the member states in the distribution of real asylum seekers. This also includes no longer turning a blind eye to the real conditions in the EU neighboring countries. Refugees must be helped on site. We need an open and unbiased discussion about how to deal with global migration in the long term” said Berg.