Green asylum policy deepens the fault lines in our society!

It is regrettable that the Greens are now calling for more migrants to be accepted into Germany in order to show ‘solidarity’. While Europe is struggling with a pandemic-related recession and the Europeans have spoken out unequivocally against greater immigration, the Greens are showing that the interests of German citizens are in no way important to them.

The current asylum system clearly does not do justice to its purpose. Asylum now seems to be synonymous with a permanent right to stay, although it was never intended to be. Yes, we should speak out in favor of protecting those who are exposed to threats to life and limb or abuse. But that doesn’t mean bringing everyone to Europe and offering them a permanent home here.

A radical rethink is needed in relation to how to deal with this problem. If the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention were properly implemented, we would not have it
Problems that arise today – asylum seekers would be protected in the closest “safe” country, while we provide financial and moral support.

Unfortunately, the Greens prefer showmanship, whereby they are driving Germany into ruin and further increasing the fault lines in our own society.