Muslim Brotherhood: Threat to Germany and the EU

This is the written question I submitted to the European Commission on the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany and the EU.

The Muslim Brotherhood has destabilized many parts of the world and Egypt is still recovering from its activities. The Brotherhood has been branded a terrorist organization and it is interesting that its main sources of funding and support are in Qatar and Turkey.

According to a report by the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”, the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining influence in Europe and is increasingly becoming a problem in Germany in particular. The report is troubling in that it shows that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to influence the European elite and establish itself as an organization present that European institutions can do business with. It is encouraging that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) is already taking measures to combat this threat, but I hope that our partners in Europe will also recognize this threat and will also take appropriate measures.

The BfV suspects that there are more than 1,000 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany alone. The Baden-Württemberg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution reports that the Muslim Brotherhood, with the support of the Qatari government, is concentrating on infiltrating institutions such as universities. We have seen the dangerous influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and in Arabia. Does the High Representative: 1. Have any evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in Europe, including its networks? 2. Is he aware of Qatar’s funding of extremist ideology in Europe? ”

I will publish the Commission’s reply as soon as it is available.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten:

26.07.20 „Verfassungsschützer: Gefahr durch Muslimbrüder wächst“
03.08.21 „Islamunterricht: Immer wird weggeschaut“