The EU has failed in migration policy

Another example of a failed EU migration policy is the German government’s recent offer to Greece to reimburse the accommodation costs of asylum seekers who are recognized in Greece and who then travel on to Germany. Every month around 1000 migrants come to Germany via Greece, in order to then often apply for asylum again. Since 2016, more than 3.3 billion euros from EU funds have flowed into the accommodation of migrants and the asylum procedure. Since April 2020, Germany has already flown in 2,765 migrants entitled to protection from Greece.

The German funds for the EU-funded Helios program (Hellenic Integration Support for Beneficiaries of International Protection), which offers housing benefits and help with finding work, are apparently insufficient, because Germany is now making a new offer to finance Greece bilaterally.

The proposal includes renting Greek hotels for migrants, reports WELT AM SONNTAG. It signals the ongoing failure of EU migration policy. The inability to send migrants back immediately leads to further funding in the hope that Greece will be ready to take them back.